A 12-a Conferință Națională ASNER

22-23, octombrie, 2020

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Making lives better every day. This is UCB.
Inspired by patients. Driven by science

We have a shared ambition to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on neurology and immunology disorders – putting patients at the center of our world.

Everything we do starts with one simple question: “how will this create value for people living with severe diseases?”

Offering innovative medicines and solutions that go beyond the drug.

That’s what drives us.

UCB: reaching more and more people around the globe

In recent years we have extended our presence to more global regions and patients than ever before. Our high rate of investment in pioneering science, backed up by strong alliances with professional partners, allows us to bring our neurology and immunology drugs to hundreds of new patients every day and across the globe. Our planned sustainable growth will come from ground-breaking science and from bringing added value to patients, as well as being the preferred partner to all our other stakeholders.

It’s summed up by UCB’s twin motivations, Inspired by patients. Driven by science.

To learn more about UCB, please visit www.ucb.com

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